SEO Company Releases Information On Strategic Redesign Of E-Commerce Shops

Portland SEO, an SEO company in Portland, OR, has released new information that addresses the strategic redesign of e-commerce web shops. The company points out that many entrepreneurs do not place enough emphasis on the online marketing element of their stores. They want to emphasize that launching or relaunching an ecommerce store should be done under the guidance of an SEO expert in order to be assured of success.

“Once upon a time, ecommerce stores were novel and therefore incredibly popular,” says Augusto Beato from Portland SEO. “Today, everybody seems to be starting a store, and it is getting increasingly difficult to keep ahead of the competition. E-commerce SEO were often seen as two separate things, with SEO being reserved mainly for informative websites. Today, however, they are completely intertwined and any successful business must see SEO as an integral part of the success of their ecommerce store.”

As an example, Shopify, a very popular ecommerce platform, started of with just over 11,000 shops in 2010. By 2015, around 150,000 shops were built on their platform. And these numbers have only continued to grow since. This really demonstrates how important it is for people to ensure that they engage in practices that get their store to be easily found by the target customers.

“Very simply put, SEO cannot be overlooked,” adds Beato. “Any store has to be marketed, whether its is a brick and mortar store or an online store, and SEO is essentially online marketing.” E-commerce SEO company encourages people to contact them for further information on how they can ensure their ecommerce store is fully optimized.

Those who have already used the services of Portland SEO have been very happy about the results that they have achieved. “As a small business it is imperative to find ways to reach potential customers through the assets we already possess,” says Lindsay B. on the company’s Facebook page. “Portland SEO helped create a customized package of services that helps us manage our image, our potential in the Portland community and it helps us acknowledge customers who need us. I really recommend these guys.”

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