Portland SEO, Reputation Management Company, Explains Consequences Of Angie’s List Becoming Free

Portland SEO, an SEO company in Portland, Oregon, has released new information on how the fact that Angie’s List is now free has affected the world of SEO and online marketing, focusing particularly on reputation and local SEO. Angie’s List has long been an important tool for businesses to build their online reputation, but the site was paid for, meaning that businesses and consumers were charged $40 per year in order to access it. In March 2016, however, the company announced that they would make their service free, and recently Angie’s List has finally eliminated its paywall so that reviews can now be accessed by anyone.

“Now that Angie’s List is free, the entire goal post has been moved,” says Augusto Beato, a

Portland SEO

Reputation Management Company

a spokesperson for Portland SEO. “While it has always been an important site, it was also restrictive, with only those willing to pay for it actually benefiting from it. Now that it has been made freely available, however, we recommend that all businesses add it to their website as part of their local SEO and reputation management efforts.”

Because of Angie’s List becoming free, businesses have to prepare for some changes. The first and most important change are that any negative reviews left on the site, which was previously invisible to all but the lucky few, are now completely open. Furthermore, because the free service is completely new, many marketing tools may not properly work on the list.

“It’s not all doom and gloom, though,” adds Augusto Beato. “Thanks to the new free list, businesses will instantly rank higher for their company’s name. Plus, it is expected that the list will start to expand into many other niches than they have done up to now, because they are now free. This is an opportunity in the making for small businesses, in particular, to focus on local SEO and on their online reputation.”

Portland SEO recommends that anybody who wants to use Angie’s List to their advantage to contact them as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities. The skills and qualifications of the company are listed on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/portland-seo, and other businesses are encouraged to connect with them through that social media platform.

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