ecommerce seoPortland SEO, a digital marketing company in Portland, OR, has released a new service that helps clients control their brand to the point of sale. In so doing, they have enabled their clients to set their personal price, and other people can then resell it for a profit or a loss. Augusto Beato, e-commerce SEO expert from Portland SEO, says that they have launched this particular service “since when buying low and selling high strategies became a scheme.”

The scheme that Beato is talking about uninvited middlemen or resellers who use certain software to check the Amazon site for bestselling products and then resell them on eBay with marked up prices. This is often done without the knowledge of the companies offering these products on Amazon. What the reseller does is copy the Amazon ad and place it on eBay. When somebody orders on eBay, the reseller places an order on Amazon for that product, indicates that it is a gift and has Amazon deliver it to the address specified by the buyer. The reseller then has the price difference less the fees as profit.

Thus, it is possible to find branded products on both these sites, seemingly in a way that is completely legitimate, as if they are official resellers from that company. The problem is when the buyer wants to return, probably because he or she has noticed that the product is actually cheaper on Amazon. The company that suffers is the owner of the brand and the one on Amazon.

“The system seems complex, but is actually very easy,” adds Augusto Beato. “It is about doing it properly, however, through the right e-commerce channels. And that is where we come in. There is now a wealth of specialized software that enable people to run these kinds of operations, which are completely above board, by the way, and we can help our clients install it and ensure that they earn profits, rather than losses. We can also work with clients who actually own a product, to make them more attractive to those who want to sell their products under their own name.”

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