Portland SEO Announces Openings in Sales Department

Portland SEO has announced that they have a number of job openings, and they are inviting qualified individuals to apply today. Augusto Beato, spokesperson for the company, announced, “Portland SEO is hiring. We have multiple positions open, particularly in our outbound sales department.”

According to the company, one of the jobs they are hiring for is Outbound Sales Specialist. This position focuses on consultative sales of marketing campaigns. Qualifications include strong communication skills, ability to overcome objectives, and extensive product knowledge. Those who are hired for this role will make outbound calls with the goal of converting those calls into sales. Candidates will also be required to provide feedback on reactions from customers, meet the quality and efficiency quotas set forth by Portland SEO, and overcome the business and technical objections of customers that they contact.

Applicants should be detail-oriented team players who work well with others and can handle fast paced settings on a daily basis. Proficiency in verbal, written, and telephone communication skills are also required, as well as some experience in sales and basic problem solving. Negotiation skills are also a plus.

Education requirements include at least a high school diploma, and the company prefers no less than three years of experience in a sales related field. Meanwhile, the company would like to stress that while they are looking for a specific type of candidate, no application will be refused, provided at least some of the criteria is met. A complete list of the educational and work experience requirements, as well as a complete description of the jobs available can be seen on the company’s official website.

“We’re a great company to work for,” states Augusto Beato. “If you’re looking for the best Portland SEO jobs, send us your application today.”

This is a contractor position and compensation will depend on the experience of each applicant. Those interested can contact the company for more details and information on how and where to apply.

Portland SEO is an internet marketing service that provides web design and search engine optimization to small and medium sized businesses. The company offers a number of SEO packages, using proven search engine marketing and social media marketing techniques.