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Oregon Marketing Agency Reports That Women In The State Still Face Wage Gap Issues

Oregon Marketing Agency Reports That Women In The State Still Face Wage Gap Issues

A marketing agency in Portland, Oregon, has recently pointed to the wage gap issues that still hound many women in the state. Oregon is considered one of the most progressive states in the nation but studies show that a gender wage gap still exists in the state.

Augusto Beato with Portland SEO says, “Reports show that the wage gap is very real in our state. The latest study says that women earn about 18 cents less on the dollar than men, and this is a disturbing fact.”

Oregon Marketing AgencyIn fact, reports from the Oregon Center for Public Policy show that women workers in the state do earn only about 82 cents for every dollar earned by a male worker. The same report shows that the wage gap is even more severe for women of nationalities other than Caucasian. In a recently published article, experts state that women are not getting equal pay in the state of Oregon, and that the well-being of their families is certainly not in good condition.

Beato with the Portland marketing agency says, “It’s just not something that should even be happening in this day and age. I mean, we have surely moved past all that gender inequality and racial profiling to a point where everyone deserves the same wage for doing the same job.”

Historically, women have more responsibilities with running a household and caring for children, which the report states makes it even more difficult for them to enter into, and remain in, the workforce. Beato states that given these additional responsibilities, it’s no wonder women are becoming frustrated when they are not receiving the same pay as their male counterparts.

The two highest paying occupations in Oregon currently are health diagnostics and legal occupations. These fields are also experiencing a wage gap between men and women, a point which the Portland SEO firm says is something that should be addressed.

Beato says that women will stop trying to do a good job and stop preparing for their futures with regards to their careers if something is not done about this issue. Those interested in learning more about the SEO firm can visit them on their official website.

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