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Online Reputation Management Services Presented At 2016 ad:tech Conference

Online Reputation Management Services Presented At 2016 ad:tech Conference

Portland SEO, an online marketing company in Portland, OR, has attended this year’s ad:tech conference. They took part in the segment that discussed advanced Google online reputation management solutions. The company has incorporated the knowledge they have gained from the conference, now offering a unique approach to reputation management. Their clients have already started to see the benefits of these approaches.

Online Reputation ManagementAugusto Beato from Portland SEO says: “We were nothing short of inspired by the information conveyed at this year’s ad:tech conference. We have learned so much and we’re really pleased to be able to offer our clients even better reputation management services.”

ad:tech is one of the most respected conferences of its kind, attracting audiences from all over the world. Anyone who is considered to be an expert in the world of media, marketing, and technology was in attendance and given the opportunity to learn about new trends and strategies, while also having networking opportunities. Portland SEO feels that the event was one of the most valuable they have ever attended, not just in terms of being able to offer their clients better services, but also in terms of the exposure they were able to obtain.

The event itself discussed numerous vital elements of online marketing, with presentations and workshops from some of the world’s most influential marketing professionals. For Portland SEO, the main speaker of importance was also the event’s sponsor. They are one of the best known reputation management agencies in the world, and the knowledge they imparted has had a direct positive effect on others, including Portland SEO.

One of the main things the company has picked up on during the event was the importance of response management within reputation management. “What affects your online reputation will translate to your offline existence as well,” adds Augusto Beato. “Responding to customers’ comments is critical. Remember that reputation management is more than a mere strategy to respond to your reviews – which we will certainly do – responding to both good and bad reviews. When you bring us on to manage your online reputation, we do all the heavy lifting of researching, finding, and responding to customer reviews.”

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