Digital Marketing Agency, Announces New Range Of Services

Portland SEO in Oregon has announced new SEO services that are designed to help local and national businesses to build their brands, reach their target audiences, and generally, get noticed online. The company points out that SEO strategies need to evolve in the same way that search engines like Google are evolving their methods of presenting search results and evaluating the ranking of web pages. Thus, the company’s range of SEO Portland services has also been adapting to these changes to enable businesses to get to the first page of search results for their targeted keywords.

Augusto Beato with Portland SEO states, “In order for people to see your business, you have to rank on search engines. Not all businesses know what it takes to see a high search engine ranking, and so they just sit there waiting for something that never comes.”

Beato says that without proper SEO, businesses are not likely to get as high as the first or second page of Digital marketing agencyany search engine result, where he says they need to be. He states that those who are attempting to build their credentials and increase their page ranking, need to realize that Google is the number one search engine, and one that should definitely be considered.

“You just don’t think about SEO without Google coming to mind,” Beato says. “It’s the number one engine and the one that makes all the rules, so it’s the one that we focus on to help you get noticed.”

Beato says that search engine optimization has grown substantially over the years, and evolved into an area that many businesses are no longer able to follow. He states that with all the changes over the past few years, some businesses feel lost when it comes to meeting the stringent qualifications that come along with a high page ranking.

Today, search engine optimization is less about specific keywords that are cluttered around page copy and more about actually reaching human beings with quality content that delivers value. Those businesses that do not follow these rules can be penalized by Google and accused of using black hat techniques, which Beato says are to be strictly avoided. He says that there are effective ways of ranking, and of building a business reputation with search engines, but they are difficult for some business owners to comprehend or follow.

The digital marketing agency offers a wide range of services, including SEO for businesses that do not fully understand how to get their sites ranked on the first few pages of Google and other engines. Those interested can learn more by visiting the company on their official website.

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