Guide To Google Local Service Ads

The Ultimate Guide To Google Local Service Ads Google Home Services is now Google Local Service Ads. Google Home Services has been live in California for nearly 3 years… What Are Google Local Service Ads? Google Local Service ads are a relatively new service being offered by Google in select markets, that completely changes the […]


Situation # 1 Alternative Using our DSP Ad Platform verse client using PPC and or FaceBook to Drive Traffic. Feature # 1 (Exclusively product related. What something is, what it does and how it does it). Target prospects who visit keyword ranked pages for pennies on the dollar. Our system allows us to target prospects […]

Augusto Beato, SEO Expert, Explains How Marketing A Small Business Has Become Easier

Portland SEO, a business in Portland, OR, has pointed out that marketing for small businesses has become much easier through the various methods offered by online marketing technology. These methods include pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, content marketing, e-newsletters, video marketing, retargeting, and mobile marketing. Before these methods became available, the traditional way of marketing through ads […]

Portland SEO Launches New E-Commerce SEO Service

Portland SEO, a digital marketing company in Portland, OR, has released a new service that helps clients control their brand to the point of sale. In so doing, they have enabled their clients to set their personal price, and other people can then resell it for a profit or a loss. Augusto Beato, e-commerce SEO […]

Portland SEO Expert Says No Change Strategies After Yahoo Buyout

Augusto Beato, Portland SEO expert, has recently reported that despite the news that Verizon will buy out Yahoo, they will not be changing strategies for search engine optimization. The team based in Portland, OR, has confirmed that while this could mean big changes for the website, they will continue to provide customers with high quality […]

Augusto Beato, SEO Expert, Addresses Issues On Small Business Marketing

Augusto Beato from Portland SEO has released new information regarding issues on small business marketing, particularly on finding the right marketing channels and whether print advertising is still relevant in view of the availability of digital marketing. The SEO expert points out that small businesses, by their very nature, often have limited resources and funds […]

Portland SEO Releases Information On Reputation Marketing Tools

Portland SEO in Oregon has released information regarding effective reputation marketing tools. The company, which offers services designed to assist Portland businesses with their reputation marketing efforts, explains that these tools are vital because the reputation of a business can change very fast. Even if a company currently has a great reputation, this can decline […]