Portland SEO, a business in Portland, OR, has pointed out that marketing for small businesses has become much easier through the various methods offered by online marketing technology. These methods include pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, content marketing, e-newsletters, video marketing, retargeting, and mobile marketing. Before these methods became available, the traditional way of marketing through ads failed to deliver consistent results.

SEO expert Augusto Beato from Portland SEO says: “A lot of people like to describe online marketing as Oregon seo expertsomething complex. In reality, however, this is a much better way of gaining business. People just need guidance from those who have achieved the right kind of expertise in the use of this technology. Thanks to the internet, everything has become easier and more convenient and, compared to traditional marketing, online marketing is a breeze.”

For instance, people need to create engaging, interesting content. By posting certain kinds of content, the business would be able to attract potential customers from its target market. Meanwhile, PPC marketing is also effective because people who search for certain keywords also see those ads that are related to the keywords.

“The world is now on mobile devices,” Beato adds. “Google has recently changed its algorithm to give preference to websites that are optimized for mobile use. So that’s one really easy thing that you can do to instantly market your business. It is also possibly the most important thing.”

Beato explains that there are many elements to online marketing and that some knowledge and expertise is needed to implement them properly. However, he feels it is not the rocket science that it is made out to be, and there are plenty of things that any small business should be able to do themselves, even with limited resources. “Going back to mobile optimization, that is usually literally just the click of a button,” he adds. “The other elements, such as content marketing, pay per click, and video marketing, maybe slightly more complex, but there are people you can hire for those things without paying the earth.”

The Portland SEO expert recommends that people who have queries about how to properly market their business online contact him as soon as possible.

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