Augusto Beato from Portland SEO has released new information regarding issues on small business marketing, particularly on finding the right marketing channels and whether print advertising is still relevant in view of the availability of digital marketing. The SEO expert points out that small businesses, by their very nature, often have limited resources and funds for marketing. Without a properly marketed site, it is impossible to attract a good amount of new clients and leads to build revenue.

Augusto Beato says: “For small businesses, it is often difficult to really get out there. We live in a highly competitive world, and this competition has only increased as a result of the internet. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t compete at least to some degree. There are plenty of expert opinions out there on marketing strategies that they can implement easily, quickly, and affordably.”

A number of specific tools and options have been highlighted in a recent Q&A session with marketing expert. As an SEO Portland expert himself, Beato has watched this with interest and drawn important lessons from it. He wants to highlight that small businesses should start by not forgetting the importance and impact of print media, particularly because this can enable them to target local businesses.

“There is a snowball effect that you can achieve through printed media,” he says. “Google loves local organic traffic, so if a business advertises in print media and thereby attracts local customers to its website, Google will immediately assign that site with more authority overall. This is a simple tool with a high potential for return on investment, in other words.”

Beato also discusses other important tools, including the use of promotional items, and the strength of social media. He then also warns about the dangers of spending on online marketing in the wrong places. “A lot of small businesses will hire outside marketers for their work,” says Beato. “While this can be a good idea, it is important to do as much as you can yourself, particularly if you are on a budget. Don’t invest in paid advertising, for instance, if you haven’t gotten your website, social media, and SEO right yet.”

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