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Portland, Oregon-based SEO company Portland SEO has released new information that explains just why mobile optimization is so important, while focusing specifically on the use of AdWords. The company points out that this is essential because the statistics on the number of people who use their mobile devices on the go to access information and to shop is staggering. In response, Google has changed its algorithms to ensure those who optimize their website for mobile usage are given more authority and better rankings than those that don’t.Top SEO Portland Based Services Provider

Augusto Beato, a spokesperson for Portland SEO, says: “New statistics from Google have shown that both Search and AdWords continue to experience growth, particularly in the mobile world. The situation is simple: if your site isn’t mobile optimized, it will be harder to get found, leading to a declining level of business. Plus, people want to be able to find businesses on the go, which means you will lose even more clients if you don’t optimize your site. We are there to help people achieve that.”

Mobile optimization is all about making sure that somebody can have the full website experience while being on a mobile device. A non-optimized website will require a customer to pinch and zoom in order to read the text, and to struggle to click on links. Some parts of the web page may not even be displayed on the mobile device. Furthermore, it is often impossible to see a full page on the screen, meaning that people have to slide left and right to view the whole page.

“People simply have higher expectations now,” adds Augusto Beato. “They want to go on their mobile, type in a search in Google and see the information they are looking for in an easy to understand manner. And considering around 80% of people now use their mobile devices to look up information about a business before they decide to shop there, it suddenly becomes clear why this is so very important.”

People interested in more information about AdWords management and how to mobile optimize their website are encouraged to contact Portland SEO as soon as possible to discuss their requirements and develop a strategy of approach to their online marketing efforts.