Digital Marketing Agency Sees WeWork’s Clients Benefitting from its Acquisition of Conductor

Augusto Beato, CEO of Portland SEO, lauded workspace company WeWork for bolstering its online presence and those of its clients by acquiring Conductor, an SEO and marketing firm.

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Beato, an SEO and , said that WeWork’s large clients such as GE, Mastercard, and Samsung could benefit from Conductor’s expertise. Conductor serves over 1,000 brands around the world such as Citibank, Salesforce, CVS, and more.

“It was a smart move by WeWork that will also enable it to reach better those looking for workspaces,” Beato quipped.

Conductor founder and CEO Seth Besmertnik said that as part of WeWork, they would be building a marketing cloud to go after the enterprise market and to expand into other types of marketing and advertising.

Under WeWork, the company will continue to operate as an independent business with its clients and Besmertnik would continue to serve as CEO. At the same time, it will be looking for ways to bundle up its services for WeWork’s Enterprise customers.

Conductor is capitalizing on a revolutionary change in marketing, one in which marketers attract customers through relevant, high-quality content online instead of depending on traditional ad-serving models to drive online acquisition.

WeWork began working with Conductor in 2016 and has since improved its digital marketing and online presence by making it easier to reach new potential members based on what they are seeking.

Conductor also helped WeWork tailor its efforts regionally.

Large companies are now the fastest growing part of WeWork’s business, making up 25 percent of their membership.

Guide To Google Local Service Ads

The Ultimate Guide To Google Local Service Ads

Google Home Services is now Google Local Service Ads. Google Home Services has been live in California for nearly 3 years…

What Are Google Local Service Ads?

Google Local Service ads are a relatively new service being offered by Google in select markets, that completely changes the layout to Google’s Search Results. Local Service Ads actually show up above Google Adwords (Pay-Per-Click), Maps & Organic Listings.

portland locksmith Google Search 3

Placement of these Local Service Ads is HUGE. They are the BEST of the best real estate that Google has to offer!

When looking at Local Service ads, you will notice the company name, phone number (Google’s tracking number, NOT the company’s actual phone number), the number of reviews from Google My Business, and Google Guaranteed.

portland locksmith Google Search 1


After clicking the blue text for “More locksmiths in Miami” the Googler will be prompted to specify exactly what they need a business for.


portland locksmith Google Search 2

In our locksmith example, there are options for:

  • Vehicle lockout
  • Building lockout
  • Copy vehicle key
  • Copy building keys
  • New key fob
  • Re-key lock
  • Install hardware
  • Repair hardware
  • Oher

Lastly, it asks for your zip code.

portland locksmith Google Search 4

Google will then return a list of businesses who do the service you chose in the zip code you specified.

In our example, we went from quite a few locksmiths available to just 2.

portland locksmith Google Search

From here, you can choose to call the business, or you can click on the company name to view their entire profile.

The profile will list the service categories that the business handles, their service area, background and licensing information, highlights, and more review information.

portland locksmith Google Search 5

Markets Where We Know Google Local Service Ads Are Live:

  • Arizona: Phoenix
  • California: Los Angeles, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose
  • Florida: Miami
  • Georgia: Atlanta
  • Illinois: Chicago
  • Massachusetts: Boston
  • Michigan: Detroit
  • New York: New York
  • Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
  • Texas: Dallas
  • Washington: Seattle
  • Washington, D.C.

Niches Or Categories We Know Trigger Local Service Ads:  

  • Electricians
  • HVAC
  • Locksmiths
  • Plumbers
  • Garage Door Services

Why The Hell Would Google Do This?

I know why I do. However, why on earth would Google jump in on this too? I believe it’s 100% about tapping the $500 billion dollar services industry. The space I’ve been working for the past decade or so… I believe Google is JUST starting with the 5 categories I mentioned above. They want to capitalize on the revenue that Home Advisor, Angie’s List and even Amazon Home Services are generating. Plus, I think Google has an even more devious plan long term… But, only time will tell.

How Do Local Service Ads Impact Search Results?

It used to just be paid ads along the top and along the right side of organic search results and the maps. Then google removed the PPC ads on the side, and put them at the bottom of the organic listings.

Now, the first two things you see when you Google are Local Service ads and then Adwords… The two services that happened to be paid, above their free; maps and organic listings.

portland locksmith Google Search 3

But let’s not forget about mobile search, where Local Service Ads and Adwords are even more dominant. Essentially, all you see are LSA (Local Service Ads) and a partial adwords ad.

portland 7927

How Google Local Service Ads Work

You either get invited or you join the waiting list

Google contracts with a 3rd party to:
Run a background check on you & your employees – yes anyone who visits a customers location must complete a background check
Run licenses check
Insurance Check

Once approved & Local Service ads are active in your area you will pay on a per-lead basis

  • I’ve personally seen/heard prices from $18 – $45 per lead so far (expect this to grow over time – early adopters will be rewarded handsomely)
  • Calls & web form leads are charged at the same prices

How does Google Local Service Ads Billing Work?

  • You set a weekly budget
  • Your spend will fluctuate from day to day but you won’t spend more than your max weekly budget
  • You have the ability through the platform to dispute leads that aren’t valid.

How does the Ranking process work on Google Local Service Ads?

There are 3 Local Service ads showing for “miami locksmith”, and there are 30+ miami locksmith’s using the service…

So how does the ranking process work?

Based on our research so far it seems to be based on 3 main factors:

  • Budget – Obviously when your budget is all spent you’re not going to show up 😉
  • Proximity – How close you are or your service area is to the area of the searcher
  • Reviews – How many reviews do you have compared to everyone else in LSA?

Google Local Service Ads Vs Google Adwords

We’re fortunate enough to have some awesome customers. Customers who were willing to share with me and you… what’s going on with their Local Service ads.

One of the biggest questions we’ve received about the new service relates to what’s the cost per lead compared to AdWords, or how much volume is there?

I promised the customer not to share the EXACT location they are in or the EXACT vertical/category of business.

But let’s be real…  There’s really only 17 markets that Local Service Ads (LSA) is live, and 5 categories or niches. So if you’re pretty smart, I’m sure you can figure it out ; )

Alright, let’s do this….

We are going to compare apples to apples here in one city:

Google Adwords vs Google Local Service Ads

Cost Per Acquisition CPA (Last Month)

Google Adwords: $50.90

Google Local Service Ads: $18

Volume Of Leads (Last Month)

Google Adwords: 37

Google Local Service Ads: 102 total billable leads (google scrubbed 20 bad leads)

Here’s a screenshot of the 102 leads from inside LSA

portland image

Are Local Service Ads Worth It?

If you are a home services company or work with a home services company that understands their numbers, is forward thinking and willing to spend money on advertising that converts LSA is a no brainer!

Google Adwords in this case study was 282% more expensive than LSA.

LSA drove 275% more leads than Google Adwords.

How To Be Included In Local Service Ads
Currently, LSA is invite only, in the markets LSA is live.
If you are in a market that LSA isn’t live in yet go ahead now and get yourself added to the waiting list.

If you are in a market that LSA is LIVE in, sign up now!

The link for both is here: 

Just go through the step by step process:

How To Get Prepared For Local Service Ads To Arrive In Your Area & Market

Our Assumptions On Local Service Ads

Early adopters like our client here and the ones we are helping get on board LSA will reap the rewards. We believe just like Adwords when they started leads are cheap, and there isnt really any competition STILL compared to what it will be like in the future.

Make The Most Of Local Service Ads

  • Have your PPC manager deploy your local service ads.
    Technically, LSA is completely separate from Adwords, however, your PPC manager will be the most informed about these ads, and will have the most experience with Google ads.
  • Apply Now 
    Whether you’re in a market or category/niche that LSA is in, or not. Do yourself a favor and apply NOW. Get in on the list early!
  • Optimize Google My Business
    Make sure all the information is correct, and every potential option you can fill out, is filled out.
  • Implement A Review Getting Campaign
    Get aggressive with your review strategy. We know reviews are a HUGE part of LSA. Don’t do anything shady, just get a ton of reviews. Any established business should be able to bring in a massive amount of reviews in a short time. We’ve run review campaigns and in 30 days brought in 60-70 reviews.

We’ll try to keep this post up to date as things continue to change and evolve with LSA. Please let us know in the comments if you think we should add anything… Or if you hear of new developments we should add here.

Portland Reputation Management Expert Reacted After Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Uses Taxpayer Dollars for $12,000 Charter Flight

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, from Montana, and several staffers chartered an oil company plane, costing taxpayers $12,375, according to reports.

On June 26, Zinke and several staffers flew on a Beechcraft King Air 200 from Las Vegas, where he had a speaking engagement, to Montana, according to an internal calendar that was revealed by Politico. The plane belongs to an oil and gas exploration firm, and was paid for by the Interior Department.

The flight cost taxpayers $12,375, according to an Interior Department spokeswoman. Commercial airlines run daily flights between the two airports – Las Vegas and Kalispell – for around $300.

Augusto Beato, an  said a solution to the controversy would be for Zinke to reimburse the Interior Department for the chartered flights – taxpayers should only be responsible for the cost of a commercial flight.

The flight from Las Vegas to Montana is not the only time Zinke has chartered a plane on taxpayers’ dollars instead of flying commercially.

Interior Department spokeswoman Heather Swift said Zinke’s charter or military plane trips were booked only after officials were unable to find commercial flights that would accommodate Zinke’s schedule. She also said the charter flights were authorized by ethics officials and booked only when feasible commercial flights were unavailable. Previous interior secretaries flew charter flights when needed, Swift added.

In March, two flights were also chartered to take Zinke and staff from St. Croix to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands to attend the centennial of the Danish government turning the islands over to the United States. Another two flights were chartered to return to St. Croix later that night. Then in May, Zinke and his wife used a military aircraft to travel to Norway. From there, they flew on a military plane to Alaska for events organized by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee – in that case, the Zinkes paid for Lolita Zinke’s share of the chartered flights.

On Friday, Sept. 29, Zinke addressed the travel controversy.

“All this travel was done only after department officials determined no other flights were available,” Zinke said during a speech at the Heritage Foundation. “Every time I travel, I submit travel plans to the department, who determines line by line that I follow the law. And I follow the law.”

Zinke is not the only member of President Donald Trump’s cabinet who has come under scrutiny for costing taxpayers exorbitant amounts of money for travel.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have both been questioned by agency inspectors general, members of Congress and the public for chartering private aircraft. In addition, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s travel on private jets are estimated to have cost taxpayers more than $400,000 – this week, Price said he would stop flying on charter planes and reimburse some of the costs of his travel aboard private jets.

For more information about reputation management .

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Today, The White House Waived The Jones Act, An Obscure, Nearly 100-Year-Old Law, Adwords Management Company Portland SEO backs Jones Act Repeal.


Today, the White House waived the Jones Act, an obscure, nearly 100-year-old law, requiring all goods ferried between United States ports be carried on ships built, owned and operated by Americans.

The decision to waive the law is good for Puerto Rico, since it will speed up the shipment of goods and commodities to aid the hurricane-ravaged island. Many Puerto Ricans have been without electricity, cell phone service and water since Hurricane Maria hit the island last week, and 13 people have been confirmed dead.

SEO backs jones act repeal.

On Monday, multiple Congressional officials requested the law be waived. The following day, Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, sent a letter to acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke also urging the law should be waived regarding Puerto Rico, and ultimately repealed.

“It is unacceptable to force the people of Puerto Rico to pay at least twice as much for food, clean drinking water, supplies and infrastructure due to Jones Act requirements as they work to recover from this disaster,” McCain wrote. “I am very concerned by the department’s decision not to waive the Jones Act for current relief efforts in Puerto Rico, which is facing a worsening humanitarian crisis following Hurricane Maria.”

According to Duke, the waiver will be in effect for 10 days and will cover all products being shipped to Puerto Rico, according to a release from the department.

“The decision follows yesterday’s request from the governor of Puerto Rico and the Secretary of Defense’s determination that a waiver is in the interest of national defense,” the press release stated. “The waiver will be in effect for 10 days after signature and covers all products being shipped to Puerto Rico.”

The waiver came through following a request from Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, who stated on Twitter he petitioned the White House for a waiver on Wednesday night.

Waiving the Jones Act in the face of humanitarian crises is not unprecedented. Earlier this month, the act was waived for petroleum products to be delivered for relief assistance in anticipation of the effects of Hurricane Irma. It was also waived to aid in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

In the cases of Florida and Texas, the act was quickly lifted because the Department of Defense requested a waiver for those states, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

On Wednesday, Trump told reporters the White House was thinking about lifting the law in relation to Puerto Rico, but that “a lot of shippers” did not want it lifted.

“… We have a lot of shippers and … a lot of people who work in the shipping industry that don’t want the Jones Act lifted,” Trump stated at a White House press event. “And we have a lot of ships out there right now.”

Though Trump ultimately changed his tune following criticism, and the Jones Act is currently lifted, it begs the question of whether or not the act should ultimately be repealed – a 10 day waiver is not long enough to assist with long-term relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

The law, which was passed in 1920, requires all goods shipped between U.S. ports be carried by American-owned and operated ships – while it was initially intended to protect the American shipping industry, in today’s world, it places exorbitant expenses on Puerto Rico’s imports. Since American-owned and operated vessels are more expensive than others in the global marketplace, Puerto Rico pays more for imported goods from the U.S. mainland compared with neighboring islands.

“Trump admin has finally waived #JonesAct for #PuertoRico. Now Congress must repeal this law to aid long-term recovery,” McCain wrote on Twitter.


Augusto Beato, SEO Expert, Explains How Marketing A Small Business Has Become Easier

Portland SEO, a business in Portland, OR, has pointed out that marketing for small businesses has become much easier through the various methods offered by online marketing technology. These methods include pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, content marketing, e-newsletters, video marketing, retargeting, and mobile marketing. Before these methods became available, the traditional way of marketing through ads failed to deliver consistent results.

Augusto Beato from Portland SEO says: “A lot of people like to describe online marketing as Oregon seo expertsomething complex. In reality, however, this is a much better way of gaining business. People just need guidance from those who have achieved the right kind of expertise in the use of this technology. Thanks to the internet, everything has become easier and more convenient and, compared to traditional marketing, online marketing is a breeze.”

For instance, people need to create engaging, interesting content. By posting certain kinds of content, the business would be able to attract potential customers from its target market. Meanwhile, PPC marketing is also effective because people who search for certain keywords also see those ads that are related to the keywords.

“The world is now on mobile devices,” Beato adds. “Google has recently changed its algorithm to give preference to websites that are optimized for mobile use. So that’s one really easy thing that you can do to instantly market your business. It is also possibly the most important thing.”

Beato explains that there are many elements to online marketing and that some knowledge and expertise is needed to implement them properly. However, he feels it is not the rocket science that it is made out to be, and there are plenty of things that any small business should be able to do themselves, even with limited resources. “Going back to mobile optimization, that is usually literally just the click of a button,” he adds. “The other elements, such as content marketing, pay per click, and video marketing, maybe slightly more complex, but there are people you can hire for those things without paying the earth.”

The Portland SEO expert recommends that people who have queries about how to properly market their business online contact him as soon as possible.

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Portland SEO Launches New E-Commerce SEO Service

ecommerce seoPortland SEO, a digital marketing company in Portland, OR, has released a new service that helps clients control their brand to the point of sale. In so doing, they have enabled their clients to set their personal price, and other people can then resell it for a profit or a loss. Augusto Beato, from Portland SEO, says that they have launched this particular service “since when buying low and selling high strategies became a scheme.”

The scheme that Beato is talking about uninvited middlemen or resellers who use certain software to check the Amazon site for bestselling products and then resell them on eBay with marked up prices. This is often done without the knowledge of the companies offering these products on Amazon. What the reseller does is copy the Amazon ad and place it on eBay. When somebody orders on eBay, the reseller places an order on Amazon for that product, indicates that it is a gift and has Amazon deliver it to the address specified by the buyer. The reseller then has the price difference less the fees as profit.

Thus, it is possible to find branded products on both these sites, seemingly in a way that is completely legitimate, as if they are official resellers from that company. The problem is when the buyer wants to return, probably because he or she has noticed that the product is actually cheaper on Amazon. The company that suffers is the owner of the brand and the one on Amazon.

“The system seems complex, but is actually very easy,” adds Augusto Beato. “It is about doing it properly, however, through the right e-commerce channels. And that is where we come in. There is now a wealth of specialized software that enable people to run these kinds of operations, which are completely above board, by the way, and we can help our clients install it and ensure that they earn profits, rather than losses. We can also work with clients who actually own a product, to make them more attractive to those who want to sell their products under their own name.”

People are encouraged to contact Portland SEO for further information.

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Portland SEO Expert Says No Change Strategies After Yahoo Buyout

Augusto Beato, , has recently reported that despite the news that Verizon will buy out Yahoo, they will not be changing strategies for search engine optimization. The team based in Portland, OR, has confirmed that while this could mean big changes for the website, they will continue to provide customers with high quality service through term extraction and trend spotting. Portland SEO writes: “We extract top terms from your online reviews to analyze what people are saying about your business. We can tell you which areas of your business your customers are happy about and which areas you need to work on. This allows you to easily spot trends in your business, so you don’t have to sift through tons of data.”

seo expertThe announcement of the Yahoo buyout came last week, and it has generated a lot of buzz. Some are shocked that the mobile phone giant is set to buy Yahoo for $4.8 billion in cash. Both companies, however, did see a rise in profit, in terms of shares, following the announcement. Many speculate that the move by Verizon was made in an effort to get deeper into the media world, rather than staying focused primarily on mobile devices and coverage.

When a big company buyout happens, there are often big changes to come. This can affect investors and those who use the company for a variety of purposes. Fortunately, Portland SEO describes their method of marketing as fool proof no matter which way the markets change. They explain: “We scan all the top directories and show you how accurately your business information is showing up online. We identify the inaccuracy with your business name, address & phone number. We also identify the directories that your business are not currently listed in.”

For more information on Portland SEO, the services offered, or their stance on the Yahoo buyout, the company invites those who are interested to visit them online or contact them personally. The company’s official website is loaded with information on search engine optimization and how it can benefit even the smallest company or youngest brand.

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Augusto Beato, SEO Expert, Addresses Issues On Small Business Marketing

Augusto Beato from Portland SEO has released new information regarding issues on small business marketing, particularly on finding the right marketing channels and whether print advertising is still relevant in view of the availability of digital marketing. The SEO expert points out that small businesses, by their very nature, often have limited resources and funds for marketing. Without a properly marketed site, it is impossible to attract a good amount of new clients and leads to build revenue.

Augusto Beato says: “For small businesses, it is often difficult to really get out there. We live in a highly competitive world, and this competition has only increased as a result of the internet. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t compete at least to some degree. There are plenty of expert opinions out there on marketing strategies that they can implement easily, quickly, and affordably.”

A number of specific tools and options have been highlighted in a recent Q&A session with marketing expert. As an himself, Beato has watched this with interest and drawn important lessons from it. He wants to highlight that small businesses should start by not forgetting the importance and impact of print media, particularly because this can enable them to target local businesses.

“There is a snowball effect that you can achieve through printed media,” he says. “Google loves local organic traffic, so if a business advertises in print media and thereby attracts local customers to its website, Google will immediately assign that site with more authority overall. This is a simple tool with a high potential for return on investment, in other words.”

Beato also discusses other important tools, including the use of promotional items, and the strength of social media. He then also warns about the dangers of spending on online marketing in the wrong places. “A lot of small businesses will hire outside marketers for their work,” says Beato. “While this can be a good idea, it is important to do as much as you can yourself, particularly if you are on a budget. Don’t invest in paid advertising, for instance, if you haven’t gotten your website, , and SEO right yet.”

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Portland SEO Releases Information On Reputation Marketing Tools

Portland SEO in Oregon has released information regarding effective reputation marketing tools. The company, which offers services designed to assist Portland businesses with their reputation marketing efforts, explains that these tools are vital because the reputation of a business can change very fast. Even if a company currently has a great reputation, this can decline so easily, which is why these tools are essential. These tools include BazaarVoice, Yotpo, Percolate, TinyTorch, and many more.

Augusto Beato with Portland SEO says, “Any business can quickly lose customers if they are not able to manage their reputation properly. Reputations can be tarnished in an instant. Just one bad review can leave a business wondering what has happened and where their customers went.”

 Portland reputation marketingThe company provides services to assist businesses in their efforts to ensure that their reputation management efforts are consistent. Beato explains that the above-mentioned tools can help boost online reputation management efforts through enhanced customer interaction, requests for customer reviews, and monitoring of the company’s reputation.

“There are so many ways to improve how people view you,” Beato states. “We can help you to get your name out there, to a wide number of sites that people trust to tell them how a company operates.”

Beato says that the tools and many others like them, can be beneficial to businesses by rating them. Studies have shown that consumers today thoroughly research a local business before they use that business for specific products or services. This research is done primarily online, and any business that is found on these sites and has a good rating will be viewed as having a better overall reputation than those that do not.

Beato says it’s about building a consistent brand reputation through , and ensuring that businesses protect their brand image at all times. He states that it takes a lot of effort to build a positive image and even more to maintain that image. This is a service that his company proudly offers, along with a host of other related services.

Those interested in learning more about reputation marketing and the services offered by Portland SEO can visit the company on their official website.

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Digital Marketing Agency, Announces New Range Of Services

Portland SEO in Oregon has announced new SEO services that are designed to help local and national businesses to build their brands, reach their target audiences, and generally, get noticed online. The company points out that SEO strategies need to evolve in the same way that search engines like Google are evolving their methods of presenting search results and evaluating the ranking of web pages. Thus, the company’s range of has also been adapting to these changes to enable businesses to get to the first page of search results for their targeted keywords.

Augusto Beato with Portland SEO states, “In order for people to see your business, you have to rank on search engines. Not all businesses know what it takes to see a high search engine ranking, and so they just sit there waiting for something that never comes.”

Beato says that without proper SEO, businesses are not likely to get as high as the first or second page of Digital marketing agencyany search engine result, where he says they need to be. He states that those who are attempting to build their credentials and increase their page ranking, need to realize that Google is the number one search engine, and one that should definitely be considered.

“You just don’t think about SEO without Google coming to mind,” Beato says. “It’s the number one engine and the one that makes all the rules, so it’s the one that we focus on to help you get noticed.”

Beato says that search engine optimization has grown substantially over the years, and evolved into an area that many businesses are no longer able to follow. He states that with all the changes over the past few years, some businesses feel lost when it comes to meeting the stringent qualifications that come along with a high page ranking.

Today, search engine optimization is less about specific keywords that are cluttered around page copy and more about actually reaching human beings with quality content that delivers value. Those businesses that do not follow these rules can be penalized by Google and accused of using black hat techniques, which Beato says are to be strictly avoided. He says that there are effective ways of ranking, and of building a business reputation with search engines, but they are difficult for some business owners to comprehend or follow.

The offers a wide range of services, including SEO for businesses that do not fully understand how to get their sites ranked on the first few pages of Google and other engines. Those interested can learn more by visiting the company on their official website.

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